150 years of education


Ysgol ddyddiol Penrhyn-coch
Dwyn atgofion mae'r hen gloch
Melys gofio'r mabolgampau
O na ddeuai ddoe yn ôl
David Hamer

A big thank you for everyone who contributed photographs to the Celebration Exhibition. The response has been fantastic. A great opportunity arose during the weekend to try and name as many former pupils as possible in the photographs, with much success. The names will be added over the next few weeks.

Order of the Photographs:

1.) 1977 onwards - Photographs which appeared in the Tincer in order of academic year. The text from the Tincer will be added before too long.
2.) Before 1977 - since most of the photographs had no specific date or no date at all, these have been placed in order of the relevant Headmasters.

Much will be added over the next few weeks, so please come back and browse from time to time through the collection.
If you have photographs taken during your time at Ysgol Penrhyn-coch and would like to see them on this website please contact: