DATHLU'R 150! mis MEDI 2013

Os oes lluniau neu dogfennau gennych am Ysgol Penrhyn-coch ar gyfer Arddangosfa bydde Lynwen (Garej Penrhyn-coch) yn falch iawn o glywed oddi wrthoch 

Darnau allan o'r Aberystwyth Observer:
7 April 1883
The following is a copy of H.M. Inspector's report in reference to this school:
'This school is in very good order, and has made very good progress during the past year. The scholars passed a very good examination in the elementary subjects and in the class subjects—grammar and geography. The handwriting was particularly good, and the maps shewn were creditable. The needlework was on the whole good. The darning might have been better in the 5th and 6th standards. The infants had been exceedingly well taught. The singing was excellent. A. E. Ivory passed well, and R. E. Morgan fairly. Morgan should be informed that he is qualified under both articles 60 and 79. Sidney Corbett and A. M. Ivory also passed the candidates' examination well and they will therefore be engaged as pupil teachers.' R. E. Morgan has been appointed to the mastership of the Elerch National school.
23 August 1890
On Thursday week the children attending the Penrhyn-coch National School had their annual treat, as usual, at the expense of Lady Pryse, Gogerddan. They were conveyed in waggons supplied by Sir Pryse Pryse, Bart., Mr N. James, Frondeg, and Mr Hugh Hughes, Cwmbwa, to Borth, and after enjoying themselves in various ways they were regaled with tea, cake, &c., at the Assembly Rooms, their wants being attended to by Miss Florence Pryse, who was ably assisted by the Rev M. Morgan, Mr Ivory, and the teachers. On the return journey, which was commenced about half-past seven, the children visited Gogerddan, and having cheered Sir Pryse and Lady Pryse, and the family, they proceeded homewards, feeling very grateful to Lady Pryse for her generosity.
12 March 1896
This school has obtained the Excellent mark for the drawing examination for fourth year in succession
16 Meh 1910
A highly successful concert was held at the National School on Thursday in aid of the Penrhyncoch Church Sunday School and Choir fund. Mr Geo. Pryse, J.P., Peithyll, presided in the unavoidable absence of Sir Edward J Webley Parry-Pryse, Bart., Gogerddan, and needless to say, he discharged his duties in an efficient manner. The following contributed to a capital programme: Mr Adler, Miss Sophie Rowlands; Miss Prosser, Miss Williams, Elerch; Miss Davies, Elerch; Mr Tom Hamer, Llanbadarn Bell Ringers; Mr C E Pain, and the Chairman, who gave a splendid recitation. The accompanists were Miss Jones and Mr Adler. The proceedings were brought to a close with the usual votes of thanks and the singing of the National Anthem, the solo being sung by Mr Morris Jones.

11 August 1910
The question of repairing the fence of the Penrhyncoch Non-Provided School having been referred to the Education Authority to decide whether such repairs came under the definition of fair wear and tear, it was resolved at a meeting of the Education Authority held at Lampeter on Thursday to defer the matter until the next meeting.