News from Trefeurig

Rain (23-12-2012)

A wet afternoon in Penrhyn-coch 22.12.12

Horeb (23-12-2012)

A specail Christmas service was held Sun afternoon 23.12.12 on the theme of 'Angels'.
Photos of the service

December's Tincer out now! 75p (20-12-2012)

Ennill prentisiaeth t14; Olion diddorol t9; Deli newydd t14; + 20 mlynedd yn ôl; Myfyrdod y Nadolig (Elin Pierce Barder); Colofn Mrs Jones; Bedydd tân - Dai Mason; O'r Cynulliad (Elin Jones); Ysgolion a Tasg y Tincer.

Winning Nurses 2012 (20-12-2012)

Full story - front page - Y Tincer Dec 12.
Maureen Jones
Maureen Jones

Sali Burns
Sali Burns

Penrhyn-coch Plygain (20-12-2012)

Photos: Plygain Penrhyn 2012

Raising money for Angharad Ward (19-12-2012)

Raising money for a good cause: The Grinch conducts the School Choir and filmed by Heno (S4C)
Nadolig Llawen
Nadolig Llawen

The Grinch
The Grinch

The Grinch and Heno
The Grinch and Heno

Crowds at the garage 1
Crowds at the garage 1

Crowds at the garage 2
Crowds at the garage 2

The choir
The choir

Joseph Scannell, Penrhyn-coch performs in Sleeping Beauty (15-12-2012)

See photo of rehearsals in Western Mail 15 Dec 2012, p. 25.

Guilsfield 3 Penrhyn-coch 2 (13-12-2012)

Season so far:

Freedom of Ceredigion to Matthew? (04-12-2012)

Trefeurig Community Council has written a letter of congratulation to Matthew. CN 6.12.12

Osteoporosis Nurse has received her MBE (04-12-2012)

Debbie Stone, of Penrhyn-coch, has received her MBE for services to Osteoporosis in Ceredigion. CN 6.12.12

Salem Soldier: Western Mail article (03-12-2012)

"'Tale of a father and son from a backwater who saw the world': book tells of changes to area after their return." article page 14 WM

Holyhead 2 Penrhyn-coch 2 (01-12-2012)

Holyhead 2 Penrhyn-coch 2

Salem Soldier, Elfed a Brian Davies (Y Lolfa) (22-11-2012)

A special evening in Cymdeithas y Penrhyn - an introduction to the old characters of the area, with the help of slides.
Brian Davies introduces Salem Soldier:
Brian Davies

Mairwen Jones thanks the author through verse:
Mairwen Jones

Penrhyn-coch 0 Porthmadog 4 (17-11-2012)

Season so far:

Y Tincer November issue out now! (14-11-2012)

75p. 24 full colour pages.

Penrhyn-coch Eisteddfod 2013: Literature competitions (14-11-2012)

Beirniad Llên: Mair Wyn, Brynaman; Cerddoriaeth: Ann Atkinson. Dylai'r cyfansoddiadau gael eu gyrru trwy'r post i'r Ysg. Mairwen Jones, 7 Tan-y-berth, Penrhyn-coch, Aberystwyth SY23 3XH neu ebost i'r is-ysg. cyn 8 Ebrill.
Eisteddfod 2013, Testunau Llên

Penrhyn-coch 1 Barry 2 (11-11-2012)

Penrhyn-coch 1 Barry 2

A glimpse of the game on YouTube

Research into the Floods: Wanted: REMINISCENCES (07-11-2012)

Dear Editor/Reader,
A project is currently underway at Aberystwyth University which is researching the history of flooding, and people's memories of flooding in
the Cambrian Mountains region. People's memories and information contained within diaries and other written records can provide a key source of data
when attempting to recreate the history of flooding in an area lacking direct monitoring of river flows. We are currently looking for records
kept by people of these events, and if anyone has, or knows of, a diary or other such written records of weather or extreme weather events from this area and are willing to share the information with us we would be very grateful. Such records can clearly be very personal, and will only be used
for the purposes of this project. For further information please contact:
Hywel Griffiths ( 01970 622674) or Llion Parry(

Wanted: Extras! (05-11-2012)

A new series 'Mathias; start filming this autumn in Aberystwyth. Fancy a job as an extra? Contact:

Lisa Angharad (03-11-2012)

A full house at Llety Parc to hear Dafydd Iwan and Lisa Angharad:
Dafydd Iwan

Dafydd Iwan

Dafydd Iwan

Dafydd Iwan

Lisa Angharad

Lisa Angharad

Gwenno a Mari

Gwenno a Mari



Cefn Druids 3 Penrhyn-coch 0 (03-11-2012)

Cefn Druids 3 Penrhyn-coch 0
The Season so far

Penrhyn-coch 2 Llanrheadr 1 (20-10-2012)

Penrhyn-coch 2 Llanrheadr 1

Y Tincer October issue out now! (17-10-2012)

Bargain for 75p.

6 new houses for Penrhyn-coch (Penbanc) (16-10-2012)

Trefeurig Community Council objected to the development on highway safety but Ceredigion County Council 'found no issues' with the speed test. Full story in CN 18.10.2012.

£25,000 grant for Welsh Language development. (16-10-2012)

Full story CN 18.10.12

Cylch Meithrin to build on School site. (16-10-2012)

Building will begin soon.

Y Tincer wins third prize! (13-10-2012)

Congratulations to Yr Angor for winning the Ceredigion Papurau Bro Eisteddfod, Llais Aeron, the runners up and Y Tincer who came third.
All the results

Llandudno 1 Penrhyn-coch 1 (13-10-2012)

Llandudno 1 Penrhyn-coch 1

Aneurin Thomas wins award (10-10-2012)

Aneurin Thomas was presented with the Welsh Premier League's Clubman of the Year award by Wales' captain Ashley Williams and Jonathan Bridgeman, HSBC, at the FAW awards dinner held at the National Museum of Wales, Cardiff, Monday night 8.10.12.

Freedom of Aberystwyth for Matthew Wilson? (10-10-2012)

A former mayor of Aberystwyth, Hywel T. Jones has called on Aberystwyth Town Council to convey the Freedom of Aberystwyth to Rifleman Matthew Wilson for his bravery. CN 10.10.12

Diwrnod i'r Brenin (07-10-2012)

A few images from the event.
Diwrnod i'r Brenin

Commissioning Service (30-09-2012)

Service in Bethel, Aberystwyth.
Clawr y Rhaglen
Trefn yr Oedfa

Penrhyn-coch 1 Rhyl 2 (29-09-2012)

Penrhyn-coch 1 Rhyl 2

Salem Soldier, Elfed a Brian Davies (28-09-2012)

A journey from north Cardiganshire to the ravages of war in North Africa and Italy. Y Lolfa. £9.95.
Salem Soldier

Military Cross for Penrhyn-coch (28-09-2012)

Rifleman Wilson, who is based with 2 Rifles in Northern Ireland, was shot in the head and knocked unconscious for 30 seconds as he ran to protect a wounded colleague.
It happened during what was described as a "deadly game of cat and mouse" with an insurgent sniper during a reconnaissance mission in northern Helmand.


Rhyl 2 Penrhyn-coch 1 (22-09-2012)

Rhyl 2 Penrhyn-coch 1

Y TINCER September issue - NEW Format (19-09-2012)

24 pages.

Tractor Run 16 Sept 2012 (18-09-2012)

TRACTOR RUN PENRHYN-COCH 2012: proceeds to the school

Tractor 1
Tractor 1

Tractor 2
Tractor 2

Tractor 3
Tractor 3

More Pictures: Click here

Penrhyn-coch 0 Buckley 3 (15-09-2012)

Penrhyn-coch 0 Buckley 3

Penrhyn-coch 1 Rhaeadr 1 (12-09-2012)

Penalty Llyr Hughes

Aneirin Hughes to portray Gwynfor Evans (11-09-2012)

Aneirin Hughes portrays Gwynfor


S4C Celebrates:
Gwynfor, written by the Archdruid T James Jones, recreates a critical year in the life of Gwynfor Evans, with actor Aneirin Hughes portraying Gwynfor.
In September 1979, the new Conservative Government under Margaret Thatcher took a U-turn by announcing that they would not establish a Welsh language television channel despite promising to do so in their manifesto.
That led to Gwynfor Evans announcing his protest to fast to death and within 12 months, the Government announced another U-turn and decided to establish S4C after all.
Producer Lona Llewelyn Davies said, "It is a warm and sensitive portrait of a brave, man who made a shocking decision that could have led to his death. The drama documentary is firmly grounded on the history but also allows the imagination of author T James Jones to explore the psyche of Gwynfor Evans at the time."
Among those taking part are prominent members of Plaid Cymru at the time, Lord Wigley and Peter Hughes Griffiths, the media commentator, Euryn Ogwen, former chief executive of the Eisteddfod, Emyr Jenkins, son of Gwynfor Evans, Guto Prys ap Gwynfor, his daughter Meinir Ffransis, and her husband, the prominent language activist Fred Ffransis.

Rhydymwyn 5 Penrhyn-coch 1 (09-09-2012)

Rhydymwyn 5 Penrhyn-coch 1

Penrhyn-coch 3 Penycae 1 (01-09-2012)

Penrhyn-coch 3 Penycae 1

Penrhyn-coch 4 Rhuthun 2 (25-08-2012)

Penrhyn-coch 4 Rhuthun 2

Linda Penbryn (11-08-2012)

Linda was admitted as an honorary member of the Gorsedd of the Bards at the Vale of Gamorgan Eisteddfod today 10 August.
Linda Penbryn

Did you hear the bells? (27-07-2012)

12 hours before the Official Opening of the Olympic Games bells were rung loudly across Britain.

IBERS launch new apps (24-07-2012)

farmGRAZE: Calculate the amount of grass there is in a field for your livestock to graze. Save money on unnecessary fertilisers and bought in feed. Accurately and quickly monitor the performance of your swards in your grazing platform to make best use of your grass. This app calculates the amount of grass your animals have in the field...

horseration: Accurately calculate the amount of feed to give your horse – avoid obesity in your animal and the health problems that go with it. As well as saving money on bought in feed you'll be helping your horse to live well and stay well...


Penrhyn-coch School: Estyn Report (23-07-2012)

The school's current performance is good because:

the literacy skills of pupils of all ages are good;
most pupils work to their full potential;
pupils show respect and care towards one another;
learning experiences meet the needs of pupils successfully; and
the quality of teaching and assessment is good.

The school's prospects for improvement are good because:

the management team's clear vision gives effective strategic leadership to the work of the school;
staff strive continually to improve on previous performance;
the school has responded positively to local and national priorities;
performance data is used effectively to improve standards; and
effective co-operation with strategic partners has a beneficial effect on pupils' wellbeing and outcomes.

In order to improve further the school needs to:

R1 increase the percentages of pupils who reach levels 3 and 5;
R2 strengthen the role of the governors as critical friends of the school; and
R3 give a clearer focus in the development plan to the school's main priorities.

Scollan appointed Waitrose chair of food and farming (16-07-2012)

Director of IBERS, Professor Wayne Powell, said: “The appointment of Nigel Scollan to the Waitrose chair of food and farming will focus on forging links between agriculture, science and one of the most forward thinking great retailers. I am delighted with Nigel's appointment and look forward to this role building on our existing work with Waitrose and their partners.”

Bright Horizons? (04-07-2012)

Contract with the University ends on 30/9/2012. Future is uncertain. Will a local management team take over?

Christian Aid (02-07-2012)

The total of the Penrhyn-coch Christian Aid collection this year was £1,032.39. This includes £133.50 from two community coffee mornings organised by St John's Church. The Organiser, Ceris Gruffudd, and Treasurer, Eleri James, would like to thank all collectors and donors for their cooperation.

CAVO Award (27-06-2012)

Congratulations to Wendy Reynolds, Brownies for winning a CAVO Award.

Another MBE for Penrhyn-coch (17-06-2012)

Debbie Stone has been awarded the MBE for her specialist services to Osteoporosis.

£160K Grant for Ysgol Feithrin (15-06-2012)

The new building will be built at Penrhyncoch primary school and is due to open next year.
It will provide daily breakfast and after-school clubs, caring for children aged between two and 11.
"It's a bit of good news for this area after last week's floods” Delyth James , Cylch Meithrin Trefeurig.
At the moment, the village nursery and the after-school club are based in dilapidated buildings.

The group behind the scheme, Cylch Meithrin Trefeurig, has raised £20,000 towards the project.

Delyth James is a local mother who submitted the lottery application and works as an assistant at the nursery.

"Without the grant from the Big Lottery Fund this wouldn't have happened.


Gogerddan duelling pistols at Ceredigion Museum (15-06-2012)

The pistols were bought at auction in London together with a mahogany case, a powder flask, lead shot mould and other small items for cleaning the guns. 'We are not sure if the guns were ever used in a duel or why they were purchased by the family in the first place.'

The Pryce family of Gogerddan made their money from the silver and lead mines of Ceredigion. At one time they were very wealthy land owners in this area. The history of the family stretches across many hundreds of years. But eventually the estate was sold to Aberystwyth University and is now part of the Environmental Studies Centre. The pistols appear in the museum along-side other items from the Pryse family estate, including paintings and hunting trophies.


Ystwyth Surgey has moved out to IBERS. (11-06-2012)

Due to flood damage Ystwyth Surgery has moved out to IBERS (old Countryside Council for Wales Ofices).

Floods at Penrhyn-coch (09-06-2012)

Floods at Penrhyn-coch

Floods: Road to Square now open 2.00 pm (09-06-2012)

Floods: Road to Square now open 2.00 pm

Bardic Circle 2012 (31-05-2012)

Congratulations to Linda Griffiths, Pen-bont Rhydybeddau for winning the Green Robe; and Stephen Jones (born in Penrhyn-coch) for winning the Blue Robe in this year's Vale of Glamorgan Eisteddfod.

Best of Luck to Penrhyn-coch School Eisteddfod Choir (31-05-2012)

Best of Luck to Penrhyn-coch School Eisteddfod Choir recording a new CD and at the official opening of B&Q 1 June at 10.00.

Olympic Flame (27-05-2012)

Best of luck to Danielle, Derfel and Jacqueline carrying the Olympic Flame today.
The Olympic Flame has been! (but not to Trefeurig)Congratulations to Jacqueline Minchin(who will be carrying the flame through Llanarth) and Derfel Reynolds(who will be carrying the flame through Llanon) on 27 Mai 2012. And Danielle Pryce, Cwmerfyn will be carrying the flame through Tal-y-bont on 28 May.

Derfel Reynolds carrying the Olympic Flame through Llan-non.


Another £13m to IBERS (24-05-2012)

Another £13m to IBERS

Penrhyn-coch's Merched y Wawr on top! (20-05-2012)

Sat 29 May in Machynlleth MyW Penrhyn-coch won i 2 competitions - Recitation and Mairwen Jones won by composing a verse for a Christmas Card.

Y Tincer - May edition (18-05-2012)

Lead stori: Datblygu cnwd bio-ynni

Opening of New £6.8m Glasshouse at IBERS (14-05-2012)

'The National Plant Phenomics Centre means that researchers based in the UK and internationally have the very latest technology at their disposal to develop new crop varieties that can thrive in challenging conditions and make a significant contribution to future food production'.

Penrhyn-coch and Cannes! (11-05-2012)

A film based on Niall Griffiths's novel Kelly + Victor appears at Cannes 16 – 27 May 2012. KELLY + VICTOR: Hot Property Films; Property: Janine Marmot; Actors: Antonia Campbell-Hughes a Julian Morris.

O Blas Gogerddan i Fae Caerdydd (08-05-2012)


Result: Dai Mason 422; Dai Suter 300 (04-05-2012)

Congratulations to Dai Mason.
Ceredigion Results
Ceredigion County Council this morning (11 May) voted Plaid Cymru's Ellen ap Gwynn as Council Leader. The 19 Plaid Cymru councillors elected on May 3rd have agreed to form a 'coalition' with 2 other groupings. 'Llais Annibynnol / Independent Voice', consisting of Dafydd Edwards (Llansantffraed) and Dai Mason (Trefeurig), and Labour's Hag Harris joined first. Two days later they were joined by the main Independent group of 12. The opposition will be formed by the seven Lib Dems and one ungrouped Independent councillor (Aled Davies, Aberystwyth Rheidol).

Y Tincer April 2012 out now! (26-04-2012)

Headline story: Yr haul yn disgleirio i Swyddfa Bost y pentref.

Penrhyn-coch Eisteddfod 2012: All the results (23-04-2012)

Penrhyn-coch Eisteddfod 2012: All the results

Chair Winner (22-04-2012)

The Chair winner at Penrhyn-coch Eisteddfod 2012 is John Meurig Edwards, Brecon. A native of Pontrhydfendigaid.

EISTEDDFOD weekend (20-04-2012)

Begins at 5.30 tonight. Saturday at 12.30 and 6.30.

Eisteddfod Results (20-04-2012)

Congratulations to Molly Robinson, Maes-yr-efail on coming 1st in the singing and recitation in the Meithrin age group, and her brother Connor 1st for recitation.

Young People's Prize Winner (20-04-2012)

Congratulations to Awel Pyrs Evans, Llanfachreth on winning the Young People's Prize at Penrhyn-coch Eisteddfod 2012. Awel is a second year student at Coleg Meirion-Dwyfror.

Canwch y Diawled! (19-04-2012)

Bryan Jones' new CD on sale in the Garage. £9.99

Penrhyn-coch School (07-04-2012)

Congratulations to all who have won a prize at the Urdd Arts and Crafts Eisteddfod (National). The results are available on

Congratulations to Penrhyn-coch School (10-03-2012)

Congratulations to Penrhyn-coch School on winning the Parti Deulais Year 6 and under, Voice Ensemble Year 6 and under, and Choir Year 6 and under (For schools of 150 and under).
Best of luck in the regional rounds a week on Saturday.

Bryan yr Organ on the Web (23-02-2012)

Over 70, 000 have watched Bryan's colourful web commentary on Alex Cuthbert's try in the recent Wales v. Scotland game.

Lisa Angharad is on the short list for a Decca recording contract. (18-01-2012)

Lisa Angharad, Pen-bont Rhydybeddau is one of four who have been short-listed to win a contract with Decca.

After studying Musical Theatre' at Manchester University, she is now living in Cardiff and presents the programme 'Ddoe am Ddeg' on S4C.