Hysbysebu yn y Tincer

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Dyddiad cau: y dydd Gwener trannoeth y dydd Iau cyntaf o'r mis fel arfer. Cysyllter �'r Trysorydd.


Y Tincer is a local Welsh language paper, established in 1977 to serve the parishes of Genau'r-glyn, (Llandre, D�l-y-bont); Trefeurig, (Penrhyn-coch, Pen-bont Rhydybeddau, Capel Madog, Capel Dewi); Tirymynach (Bow Street, Dolau,) and Borth. In January 1982, following an application to become part of the paper's circulation, the parishes of Melindwr (pentrefi Pen-llwyn/Capel Bangor, Goginan a Chwmrheidol/Aber-ffrwd) also joined. A selection of Tincer stories are available on the BBC website Lleisiau lleol


Y  Tincer

The name was chosen because the novelist, Tom MacDonald (1900-1980), hails from the area. He was born in Llandre to Irish tinker parents. After graduating from Aberystwyth University he was a journalist and newspaper editor in England, China, Australia and, for 30 years, in South Africa, before returning to Wales in 1965.

He published six novels in English - Gareth the ploughman (1939), The peak (1941), Gate of gold (1946), The black rabbit (1948), How soon hath time (1950), a The song of the valley (1951), each one set in Wales.

He also wrote two Welsh novels - Y nos na fu (The night that never was) in 1974 and Gwanwyn serch (Spring of love) in 1982, which were published after his death, and also a volume of memories The Poor Tinker, translated to English as The white lanes of summer (1975). The volume contain memoirs of his childhood in West Wales in the years before the First World War. The name suggests that the Tinker collected news while travelling around the area.

Y Tincer is published monthly from September to June by the Tincer Committee; published with some support from the Welsh Assembly Government; printed by Lolfa, Tal-y-bont; circulation: 800. From September 2008 onwards in full colour.


Ceris Gruffudd Rhos Helyg 23 Maesyrefail Penrhyn-coch ABERYSTWYTH Ceredigion SY23 3HE
(01970 828017)

Typist: Iona Bailey
Compositor: Elgan Griffiths
Chairman:Richard Owen
Vice chairman and Friends of Y Tincer organizer Bethan Bebb, Penpistyll, Cwmbrwyno, Goginan(01970 880 228)

Secretary: Iona Davies, Y Nyth, Llanilar, SY23 4NZ 01974 241087
Treasurer: Hedydd Cunningham, Tyddyn-Pen-y-Gaer, Llandre (01970 820 652)
Sales: Lila Piette, Llys Hedd, Bow Street (01970 820223)
To place an advert: Cêt Morgan, Fferm Glanfrêd, Lôn Glanfrêd, Llandre SY24 5BY 07966 510195]
Tasc y Tincer: Anwen Pierce,3 Brynmeillion, Bow Street, SY24 5BP (01970 828 337)


Aber-ffrwd a Chwmrheidol Mrs Beti Daniel, Glyn Rheidol (01970 880 691)
Y Borth Grace Bailey, Pencarreg, Stryd Fawr, Y Borth (01970 871462)
Esther Prytherch 07968 593078
Bow Street Mrs Mair Lewis, 40 Maes Ceiro, Bow Street (01970 828 102); Lynn Phillips, 1 Cae'r Odyn (01970 828 908)
Anwen Pierce, 3 Brynmeillion, Bow Street, SY24 5BP (01970 828 337))
Maria Owen, Post Office (01970 828 201)
Capel Bangor/Pen-llwyn Mrs Aeronwy Lewis, Rheidol Banc, Blaengeuffordd (01970 880 645)
Capel Madog, Cefn-llwyd a Capel Dewi Eirian Hughes, Lluest Fach (01970 880 335); Elwyna Davies, Tyncwm (01970 880 275); Dei Evans, Fferm Fronfraith, Comins-coch (01970 623 660)
D�l-y-bont Mrs Llinos Evans, D�lwerdd (01970 871 615)
Dolau Mrs Margaret Rees, Seintwar (01970 828 309)
Goginan Mrs Bethan Bebb, Penpistyll, Cwmbrwyno (01970 880 228)
Llandre Mrs Nans Morgan, Dolgwiail (01970 828487)
Penrhyn-coch Mrs Mairwen Jones, 7 Tan-y-berth (01970 820 642)
Trefeurig Mrs Edwina Davies, Darren Villa, Pen-bont Rhydybeddau (01970 828 296)

Y Tincer by post
Price 10 rhifyn - �18 (�7 email).
Euros ac Edryd Evans, 33 Maes Afallen, Bow Street, Ceredigion SY25 5BL

Y Tincer Camera:
Available to anyone in the area to borrow to take photographs for the paper.
Contact Mrs Mair Lewis, 40 Maes Ceiro, Bow Street (01970 828 102)

The Tincer is for sale at:
Siop a Swyddfa Bost Penrhyn-coch
Garej Tŷ Mawr, Penrhyn-coch
Garej Rhydypennau
Inc, Aberystwyth
Siop Spar, Bow Street
Siop Nisa, Y Borth
Siop Premier y Borth
CK's, Waunfawr
Siop Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru
Siop y Pethe, Aberystwyth
Premier Tal-y-bont